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Which digital marketing channel?

How many digital marketing channels does a business need? Should businesses be running on all major digital platforms? Yes? No? Don’t know?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to this question. However, you will most likely encounter agencies attempting to sell you a solution that consists of every major social media, SEO and paid marketing channel such as Google Ads!

“Begin conservatively. Measure your results. Use your data to implement changes. Listen to the data.”

Digital Ability

Let us share some useful questions for you to ask yourself and to consider:

What is your primary goal?

Acquire new business as frequently as possible? Improve retention? Sell more products online?

One very important aspect when deciding on a digital marketing channel is to determine what you want from it. For example, a dental surgery wants to focus on tooth whitening appointments as their primary treatment. Which digital marketing channel would be most effective to invest in?

Ultimately you could use any digital marketing channel, it simply depends on how quickly you want to see a return and how targeted your want your marketing to be. In this instance a suitable option would be to invest a fixed budget in Google Ads and Google Re-marketing.

Who is your audience?

Gender, age, location, life stages…

How will your audience most likely engage?

Depending on your offering, how will people engage? Urgently via mobile devices or will they have time to shop around? Will they most likely use a mobile device?

At what stage of the purchasing lifecycle do you want to engage your target audience?

Early stages of discovery? Passively? When people are pro-actively searching or during their decision making process?

Finally, what value do you place on your offering? What investment are you willing to make?

Don’t ever agree to terms or part with any money until you have received a sound forecast of estimated lead generation, submitted applications, purchases or any other form of ROI pertaining to your investment.